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Accelerated Reader is a web-based reading program.  Students choose an AR book, read the book, and then take a brief quiz on their comprehension of the story.  You may read the book with your child or have them read independently.   Based on your child’s score, he/she is awarded points toward his/her assigned goal.  Many of the books you have at home may be AR books.  To check the availability and levels please click below to explore AR Book Find.  Quizzes may only be taken at school.

The AR program allows students to attempt each test ONE time, pass.  The test can NEVER be taken again through the child’s educational career.  Please choose books with care.  Research has shown that a child reading in his/her zone and scoring 80% or above on quizzes will increase their reading comprehension and fluency.

Students will be allowed to take quizzes before school in the designated lab or during school hours in their teacher’s room, CCC Lab.

Students reaching the assigned point goal will be rewarded with an incentive at the end of each nine week period. 

Students who reach their assigned goal ALL four grading periods will be invited to a special celebration at the end of the school year.    

AR Parent Guide        AR Book Find                 AR Book Finder Guide

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